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Ambitious College Working in partnership with Transport for London

For some young people with autism travelling on public transport can be fraught with difficulties and anxieties. At Ambitious College we see travel training as an essential living skill for young people to be able to live ordinary lives in their local community.

Travel training in action

We are delighted to be working with Transport for LondonĀ (TfL) to make public transport travelling a reality for learners who may have lacked the confidence to use it in the past. The main benefit to our learners is increased access to their chosen employment and leisure opportunities, as well as the boost in self-esteem and independence that comes with this.

Each week TfL send an empty bus with an autism confident driver to our CONEL campus. Our learners have time to familiarise themselves with the bus at a pace that suits them. They can wander around the bus, practice how to use an Oyster Card, speak with the driver and learn how to use the bell as an indicator to stop. In time learners build on these skills with the ultimate goal of getting around London much more independently.

Last year one of our learners Matthew went from refusing to get on a bus at all to now using the tube to get around.

We are very grateful to TfL and their autism confident staff for supporting us in our work.

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